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Discover the extensive range of toiletry bags from All-time Favourites. Our toiletry bags are designed in the nicest matching colors and materials. Among our versatile range there is bound to be a toiletry bag that meets your needs and that suits your All-time Favourites shopper.


The toiletry bags of All-time Favourites are designed with or without a print so that there is always a toilet bag that suits you perfectly. We have toilet bags with our animal prints, we always have these in our collection and are stylish and above all timeless. We also have toiletry bags in bright colors and summer prints, but also toiletry bags without a print. We have something for everyone.


As you are used to from the shoppers of All-time Favourites, we also have matching toiletry bags in the same awesome prints as those of the shoppers. Because almost all shoppers of All-time Favourites have a matching toiletry bag. This toiletry bag is perfect for your toiletries, sunscreen, shower gel or hair and makeup essentials. The toiletry bags are large enough to take with you on a trip, but you can also use them as an everyday toilet bag or as a small bag.

This season, the animal print trend is everywhere. This is also the case in the bathroom. ATF is known for the unique toiletry bags with animal prints. In our webshop you will find trendy toiletry bags with leopard print, python print, zebra print, and crocodile print.


The All-time Favourites toiletry bag is ideal for a busy on-the-go lifestyle. No more items lying around in your large shopper, but always neatly stored in your matching toiletry bag. The toiletry bag is also ideal for your sunscreen when you go to the beach and you have your matching ATF beach bag with you. You can also put your phone in it, throw your hairbrush or other items that you don't want loose in your bag. If you go to the sauna for a day, this toilet bag is also ideal. Put in your shower gel, your jewelry and other little things you don't want to lose. What is also really handy is if you are on the beach and you go for lunch, for example, you leave your large beach bag with zipper under your beach bed, but take your toilet bag with your valuables, wallet, sunglasses and maybe even a camera. Handy, right?


At ATF we are a big fan of sets, which is why you will find a matching large handbag, small shopper or large shopper with many toilet bags. The toiletry bags can be clicked into your shopper with a zipper using a cord, so that you always have all your valuables or toiletries within reach. Can't score a set? Then mix & match our nice toiletry bags to one of your shoppers. Take our black croco toiletry bag, for example, it is stylish and timeless and fits perfectly with every bag!

Our toiletry bags have a few things in common. Every toiletry bag of All-time Favourites dangles a lucky double to give your day that little bit of extra happiness. Of course, each toilet bag has a zipper so that you can safely store all your belongings. And how nice is that pink lining? Just like in our shoppers, you can also find this pink lining in our toiletry bags. At the front of the toiletry bag you will find the well-known All-time Favourites logo and each toilet bag has a hook, to which the cord of your shopper can be attached.


Are you going on a trip? Then of course you take a toilet bag with you. A toiletry bag from All-time Favourites is lightweight and made of thin material. That saves some space and weight in your hand luggage shopper. Our toiletry bags are very handy if you travel with hand luggage, because you can easily remove the toiletry bag with your liquids from your shopper when you go through customs. Also, our travel toiletry bags can take a beating and our toiletry bags last a long time. Because shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, bath foam and make-up are separated from the other luggage, clothes will not get dirty if a tube or bottle unexpectedly leaks. The toiletry bag has a pink lining that is easy to clean, so that it can be taken clean on every trip. Our toiletry bags should not be missing during your next holiday!