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Beach towels from All-time Favourites

How nice is it to go on vacation with your big shopper from All-time Favourites and you can also have a nice beach towel with it? Because of course a lovely beach towel or a soft hammam towel should not be missing during your holiday, we think. That is why we have added beach towels to our collection and have them developed in a soft and light quality, so you do not have to lug around too much. They are also well absorbent so that you can dry off after swimming. Actually, it is a combination between a real cotton terry cloth towel and a hammam towel. So the advantages of a towel (soft & absorbent) and a hammam towel (lightweight).

You will of course find the most beautiful and nicest beach towels and hammam towels at All-time Favorites. With our fun assortment, you have a choice of colors, prints, and designs. Hammam towels and beach towels are becoming increasingly popular and we understand that all too well. How nice is it to go on holiday with the nicest large shoppers with a zipper with the nicest matching beach towels and hammam towels? They are not only beautiful to look at and nice and soft but can also be used for many purposes. At All-time Favourites, you will find the best quality hammam towels and beach towels made of 100% cotton and made in Portugal.

The material of our beach towels

Our beach towels are made with care in Portugal and from 100% cotton. This natural and sturdy material has a strong moisture-absorbing capacity and is highly breathable. In addition, it dries very quickly, making our beach towels ideal during a sun holiday.

The hammam towels from ATF

Nowadays a hammam towel is increasingly used to replace the original beach towel. A hammam towel is multifunctional and can therefore be used multiple times. Because at All-time Favourites we develop items for the busy on-the-go woman, the hammam towel should of course not be missing in our collection. That is why you will find hammam towels in our collection that can also be used as beach towels. But what else can you actually do with our hammam towels? You can of course use this towel as a bath or beach towel, but our hammam towels are also perfect as a sauna towel. Due to the strong material, our hammam towels are also perfect for use during a picnic in the park, for example. Our hammam towels are very lightweight, so you can easily take them with you in your matching shopper from All-time Favourites!

Beach towels to steal the show!

Is your next vacation to the sun already completely planned, but are you still missing the perfect beach towel to complete your beach look? Don't worry, at All-time Favourites, we have beach towels in the most beautiful prints so that you always find a beach towel that suits you completely. Did you already know that we have matching shoppers and accessories with all our beach towels? For example, with the leopard beach towel, we have a matching shopper, toiletry bag, wallet, and key wallet. With these items, you are completely ready for the summer and you also spend it in style. You will also find matching items with the zebra, python, and desert print beach towels!