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The cosmetics bag: an indispensable accessory! How do you find your lip gloss in the big ATF shopper? Or your phone? Very easy with our cosmetics bags! On the inside of our shopper is a cord where you can attach our cosmetics bag to, so that you can easily find your little things in your big shopper bag. Make-up is now an important and indispensable beauty product for every woman. How else are those lips supposed to look so beautifully full? And those radiant eyes? To make things easier and more organized for women, there is the All-time Favourites cosmetics bag, an indispensable accessory for all your favorite beauty products or other small items lying around. Always have your make-up at hand with an ATF cosmetics bag. Today there are cosmetics bags in many different shapes and sizes. This cosmetics bag from All-time Favorites fits perfectly with your shoppers, so that you can store your make-up in an organized manner and you don't have to throw it around. All our cosmetics bags are pink on the inside. just like the shoppers. Do you always want your make-up within reach and still neatly stored? Then click it on the cord on the inside of each All-time Favourites big bag. A nice make-up bag for every woman. From lipstick to hair clips: a women's bag is often full of hidden treasures and essentials. In addition to being easily damaged in this way between books and / or your laptop, wallet or phone, it is also common for them to mysteriously get out of your bag. And that is a shame! To solve this problem, All-time Favourites has the solution: a cosmetics bag.