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Our shoppers are also available in a size smaller; the little shopper! The shopper small is perfect for groceries, for sports or a weekend away. The shoppers are also great as a beach bag in the summer and what makes these shoppers perfect as a beach bag is that they are provided with a zipper! What is also great is that the small shopper with a zipper is allowed as hand luggage on the plane, hip-on-the-plane instead of always such a standard trolley.


A small shopper is a real fashion statement and completes your look. It's the perfect bag; the small shopper is beautiful, stylish and handy! You can store all your things in the shopper in a beautiful way. Inside the small shopper is a zipper for your most important items. There is also a large zipper with which you can safely close the entire shopper. In addition to shoppers, we also sell matching toiletry bags. Very handy for all your small essentials. The small shopper has a drawstring to which you can easily attach your matching toiletry bag. This way you will always find it quickly and you have all your valuables at hand. Very handy! At the ends of the small shoppers are press studs, which you can fasten together so that the shopper becomes smaller. This way you can make it a size smaller for the eye!


The small shopper is available in various prints and colors. There is something for every lady. The collection varies from basic shoppers to crazy prints. It just depends on what you feel like and what the opportunity is! Of course we have the crazy animal prints, which are now completely hot and hip in the street scene; the snake print, leopard print and zebra print. Camouflage print, this will always remain one of our bestsellers. And then we also have the nice different colors, from green to turquoise to black, white / blue and so on.

In terms of fabrics, there are sequins, the neoprene (scuba-diver fabric) and the animal prints in cotton with a coating layer. Also among the small shoppers with a zipper there are models made of canvas fabric and we have several 'puffers' among them this year, so-called down shoppers, nice and thick and soft! This year we also have a fake fur shopper, faux fur will of course always be a favorite on the street, nice and fluffy!

The outside is of course important, but we don't think the inside is entirely unimportant, which is why every little shopper is lined with a cool pink nylon lining! Because yes, let's face it, girls will be girls :-).

One thing is certain; the small shopper from All-time Favourites ensures that you are always on-the-go in style!


Do you think it is such a shame to ask for a plastic bag in the supermarket every time? Then our small shoppers are something for you. Our small shoppers are light in weight and also large and strong enough for all your heavy shopping. Our shopping bags have sturdy handles and long handles so you can choose to carry the shopping bag in your hand or over the shoulder. Every small shopper has a zipper so that the shopper can be completely closed, how handy? Because of the many different prints and materials you will always find a shopping bag that suits you completely. So you're also in the right place for a day of shopping. With trendy prints and cool colors you are guaranteed to steal the show. Inside our small shoppers you will find a side compartment with ris, so that you can always safely take your valuables with you in your shopper while shopping.


Did you choose a small shopper from our collection? We understand that you are always busy and on-the-go and that is why you order in our webshop quickly and easily and you quickly have the shopper at home. Because if you place your order today before 22:00, the shopping bag will be shipped the same day. You can pay your shopper afterwards at no extra cost via Klarna. Receive a shopper and prefer a different print? You can arrange the exchange and return of your small shopper quickly and easily via our website by downloading our online return form. Become a member of our ATFanbase by creating an account in our webshop, here you can view your orders, leave reviews so you can help other ATFans make their choice and save for points and nice discounts!