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The shoppers of All-time Favuorites

A shopper is now an indispensable part of every ladies collection. Plastic bags are a thing of the past; with your shopper you are always in style! Our shopper is the perfect bag for a day of shopping, the gym or a weekend away. Many happy users also take the shopper on a trip. Our shoppers can take along as hand luggage and are the ideal beach bag!

Our shoppers are big enough for all your belongings, making the bags very useful in your daily life. After you've used your first shopper, you'll never want to be without it! Our shoppers can be divided into three categories:

The Big Handbag

The Little Shopper

The Big Shopper

Both the small, the large shopper and our large handbag are available in various prints. We have basic shoppers, but also great animal prints. Such as the Large Shopper Python Natural or the Large Shopper Leopard. Each shopper has a zipper, with which you can close your bag completely. You can also find a zipper inside the shopper where you can store your most important items. The trendy and matching toiletry bag is very nice for all your make-up essentials. Each shopper has a feminine pink nylon lining!

The large handbag from All-time Favorites

We at All-time Favorites make every woman's busy on-the-go life a bit stylisher, but also more convenient with our great shoppers big and small. And from now on your life will be even more complete, now that you can also add a large handbag from All-time Favorites to your collection. From now on you will never have to go through life without a bag of All-time Favorites, because for every moment of the day, we are your ideal buddy and you always have everything with you!

A good large handbag is indispensable for a nice outfit and a busy on-the-go life. All-time Favorites is the Big Bag brand where you can find your perfect large handbag. The large handbag is indispensable in your wardrobe and every fashion lover has several in the closet. Due to its compact shape, but surprisingly spacious content, the large handbag with zipper from All-time Favorites is a model you can never do without. Are you looking for a stylish item that you can use for many years, then a large handbag with zipper is definitely for you! In our new collection of handbags you will find large handbags in our well-known animal prints or animal prints.

In the webshop of All-time Favorites you will find the best handbags in the bestselling animal prints. The animal prints are back in the fashion of today. Animal prints are stylish and timeless and give your outfit that little bit extra flair. At All-time Favorites you will find handbags in different animal prints. We have large handbags in leopard print, zebra print, python print and crocodile print. So there is something for everyone. The leopard print is a worldwide favorite and that is why a handbag with a zipper in this leopard print should certainly not be missing. Also, the handbags in our python print are very popular among our customers because this snake print can be worn both chic and tough. Are you looking for a shopper that you can wear anywhere, anytime? Then our croco handbag is exactly what you are looking for. This handbag is often used as a work bag because it is easy to combine with a business outfit. Also, the vegan leather gives a beautiful and chic effect to this handbag. Looking for something different? Then be sure to take a look at our large zebra print handbag. The color combination of black and white makes this shopper very easy to combine with any outfit, but it also gives your outfit a playful look.

The small shopper from All-time Favorites

Our shoppers also come in a size larger; the little shopper! The shopper small is perfect for groceries, for sports or a weekend away. The shoppers are also great as a beach bag in the summer and what makes these shoppers perfect as a beach bag is that they are provided with a zipper! What is also great is that the small shopper with a zipper is allowed as hand luggage on the plane, hip-on-the-plane instead of always such a standard trolley.

A small shopper is a real fashion statement and completes your look. It's the perfect bag; the small shopper is beautiful, stylish and handy! In a beautiful way you can store all your things in the shopper. Inside the small shopper is a zipper for your most important items. There is also a large zipper with which you can safely close the entire shopper. In addition to shoppers, we also sell matching toiletry bags. Very handy for all your small essentials. The small shopper has a drawstring to which you can easily attach your matching toiletry bag. This way you will always find it quickly and you have all your valuables at hand. Very handy! At the ends of the small shoppers are press studs, which you can fasten together so that the shopper becomes smaller.